A unique blend of our coffee deliciousness, care for all, convenience, and awesome value…a good dose of common-sense that leaves you feeling good about the choice you’ve just made.

Coffee that has been produced and prepared with care for all, including the environment and your wallet. Served by people who care about people who like to have a little fun whilst helping to Fix your day.

This all started on K Rd in Central Auckland back in 2014. A few years on, we’ve grown to 15 coffee bars across the North Island.

Your Fix, On the Go!


Small to medium-sized bars and kiosks; located for convenience; designed for quicker service, perfect for people on the go in need of a Fix, or a delicious bite to eat.

Here for all and everyone. Coffee lovers, professionals, office workers, commuters, shoppers, students, tradespeople, everyone, we’re here to Fix your day.

Fairtrade & Organic Coffee, made with care for all including the environment and your wallet, served in reusable or commercially compostable cups. This is our common-sense coffee.

Down to earth types, mildly quirky, and focused on what we believe matters.

Care and respect for all runs deep with us. Yes, coffee is our passion, but people come first.

We believe that life is short, and whatever makes you feel good, you should do it more often.

We feel good about the people involved with our business, from our farm communities to our roaster to our coffee bar teams, and our pals at Fairtrade, KeepCup, Decent Packaging and We Compost.

We feel good about our common-sense coffee, and helping to Fix your day.

Helping our Store Partners to be the best hosts they can be.


Some of our partners operate a single bar leading from the front, and some operate multiple bars with a larger team behind them.

We welcome new partners, especially with previous hospitality or retail experience.

We look for people with passion for coffee, who care about people and enjoy being a great host.

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