Organic, Fairtrade coffee

Consciously created and brewed with love

The daily Pick Me Up, more than just a cup of coffee.

It’s a time to recharge, reconnect and reset. This might be the pause that changes your whole day, (why not) savour it.

Want to be a franchisee?

Are you a dedicated coffee fanatic with a passion for people? Do you have a dream to invest in an established and well-loved brand? Is it time to step up and become your own boss? If any of these scenarios are triggering warm fuzzy thoughts then joining the Coffix franchise family could be your next big life move.

what’ll it be..?

Coffee the way you like it

Coffix specialises in Damn Fine Coffee but that’s just the tip of the milk wand.

Whether your favourite brew is safe and standard, or a wee bit out there, we’ve got you covered. Make the most of our generous extras and really shake things up… Triple shot Hazelnut latte perhaps? Or Iced Mocha with a dash of cinnamon? Why not! Think of us as your portal into a world of coffee adventures and enjoy the ride.

Snacks & food

A selection of freshly baked muffins, delicious brownies, slices, cakes, bagels, sandwiches, wraps (should we continue…?) to satisfy your peckish needs.
* Range varies amongst stores, so make sure you try new things

Our standard coffee is double shot and we don’t charge for soy, decaf, extra shots and syrups.

Everywhere else that’s a special deal, for us it’s just a standard weekday.