Our Signature Fix blend, a medium dark roast with creamy chocolate & nutty notes.

Coffee with a good dose of common sense that leaves you feeling good about the choice you’ve just made. 

Your Fairtrade Organic Fix.

100% Arabica coffee sourced from our favourite Cooperatives in Papua New Guinea, Honduras and Nicaragua.

By choosing to partner with Fairtrade, we are assured that our farming communities and their local environment have been treated fairly, with care and respect.

Through Fairtrade, we provide a Fairtrade Minimum Price that safeguards against falling prices, allowing farmers and workers to plan for their future. If the market price increases, they’re able to keep the rewards. We like this.

With Fairtrade, what we pay includes a fixed additional amount of money that allows farmers and workers to invest in improving the quality of and growing their businesses and communities.

Knowing that Fairtrade applies terms of trade protecting workers’ rights goes a long way with us, and as does the assurance that no chemicals have been used in the production of our coffee.

Common-sense for people and the environment.

Roasted and delivered to our bars within seven days.

We roast in a classic hot air Chinook; she’s a beauty and never misses a beat. Our master roaster has over 20 years in the game, not to mention he’s a pretty good bloke.

Once roasted, our coffee is packed and delivered to our bars within seven days, meaning we make your Fix with freshly roasted beans, just the way it should be.

All of this takes place on Waiheke Island; some say this gives our Fix extra good vibes : )