Your Fix, On the Go!

Our bars are smaller with a lighter cost base, conveniently located and designed with common sense in mind.

Our unique blend of coffee deliciousness, care for all, friendly local service, and awesome value leaves you feeling pretty good about the choice you’ve made.

There’s more than meets the eye; since 2014, we’ve worked hard to develop our concept, processes, and systems to support successful Coffix Coffee Bars in some of NZ’s most competitive central city coffee markets in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, and Tauranga.

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From kiosks to medium-size coffee bars.

We select our locations based on convenience, and the customer opportunity for our common-sense coffee and delicious bites to go.

We like to be as close as we can to key locations such as:

  • Larger Offices and Workplace.
  • Travel Hubs, Commuters, Shoppers, Universities, Hospitals, Gyms.
  • Central City or City fringe, with a mix of the above.
  • Busy retail areas with car parking, near Malls, Retail Parks, Supermarkets.

Our food and beverage range has evolved and in some of our newest bars we offer delicious baked on-site pastries and/or our seriously amazing and healthier Plant Based Smoothies, Smoothie Bowls, and Cold Pressed Juices.
Perfect with our Fix, or on their own.

Helping our Store Partners to be the best hosts they can be.

We welcome new partners, especially with previous hospitality or retail experience. We look for people with passion for coffee, who care about people and enjoy being a great host.

Some of our partners operate a single bar leading from the front, and some operate multiple bars with a larger team behind them.

Partnering with us.

The investment to set up and open an outlet will vary depending on the format and level of fit-out works required. The indicative investment for a new Coffix Coffee Bar ranges from $100k – $150k whereas converting an existing coffee bar to Coffix, or a kiosk could offer a lower investment opportunity.

We are here to help guide our partners through every stage of the business, from set up to ongoing development. Our Franchise Partner Support System includes:

  1. Property Support.
  2. Design & fit out works.
  3. Supply Chain.
  4. Training.
  5. Operational Manuals.
  6. Marketing.

Our partner support system is proven and designed to simplify the process of setting up and running your own business. Supported by experienced people who love coffee and care about people.

If you love coffee, care about people, believe in common sense and want to run your business, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete the Enquiry Form below, and we’ll be in touch.