Behind the beans

Coffix gave the NZ takeaway coffee game a well-needed shakeup back in 2014. Based on Auckland’s iconic Karangahape Rd, the first humble Coffix kiosk put service and value at top priority with absolutely no compromise on quality. It’s fair to say our low-priced model got a lot of people talking; we even made the news!

This early hype could have been a distraction but we kept our heads down and forged a business model that kept overheads low and focussed on the core product. Our growth was as organic as our beans, and before we knew it there were 19 Coffix stores and counting, we’re pretty chuffed about that.

Our coffee blend

What about the coffee you say? Sweet elixir of life; Ancient sacred energy bean… Ok, we’ll stop now.

The original Coffix blend brings together 100% Fairtrade Organic Arabica beans from the South Pacific and Central American highlands.  We make a conscious choice to source from cooperatives where local growers work to improve their livelihoods, investing back in equipment, water supply and infrastructure for their communities.

For the true coffee aficionados here’s the finer details. Our beans are medium roasted; our tasting notes are nutty, creamy and smooth with a hint of sweet undertones and a good body. Could be a Tinder profile right?

Keeping it green

Our vision is to do good things in every area of our business.  Takeout coffee is a daily ritual we all take for granted but some aspects of takeaway coffee are not ideal for the environment. We’ve made the choice to minimize our impact on the planet as much as possible.


All Coffix takeaway cups and lids are plant-based and compostable. Standard poly lined cups and plastic lids don’t break down in landfill, leading to needless waste and general bad vibes for mother earth.

Our wider vision for reducing waste is something we’re extremely excited about; we’ve named it 360 Degrees of Awesome! Our goal is to provide collection bins for compostable items in every Coffix store where customers can deposit their cups and lids. From there they get to a commercial composting facility, which mixes them with other organic matter, the end result being ecologically awesome, soil-enhancing compost. Which of course can be used to plant more trees…you can see where we’re going here, the cycle is complete!


Better yet, we encourage our customers to bring re-usable cups for their daily fix. Our great value re-usable cups are made from durable borosilicate glass, which is easy to clean and most importantly doesn’t affect the coffee flavour. Or you can bring in that ugly mug your Nana gave you for Christmas, you know she’d love that.

In every part of our business we’re striving to reduce our environmental impact. Whether it’s giving away bags of coffee grounds to garden lovers, using recycled packaging in our distribution center or providing non-plastic wrapped food whenever we can. These seem like small steps but they add up to a much bigger picture, and that’s what counts.

As you walk away with a delicious Coffix brew in your hand and a spring in your step, be sure we’ve done all we can to make your drink as righteous as possible. And, if that cup happens to be disposable, pop it back into our compostable bin tomorrow and imagine what natural goodness it’ll nourish in the future. Feels good right?

Consistently inconsistent

You may notice that not all Coffix stores look the same – we have kiosks, small stores and some that are a little bigger, but you’ll get the same great coffee and smiley service no matter which Coffix you visit.

You may also notice that some of our stores look a little different than others. We are undergoing an exciting brand transformation – bye bye boring black and white, hellllloooo vibrant orange. So if your local Coffix is still rocking the monotones it’s only a matter of time before we whip out the paintbrush and slap on some gorgeous colour. Watch that space!

Our coffee is freshly roasted bought Fairtrade and sold at a fair price.
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