Responsible Choices.

Responsibility for us starts with our coffee and partnering with Fairtrade was an obvious choice. Sourcing from only certified Fairtrade Organic cooperatives is a cornerstone of who we are, closely followed by helping reduce the number of takeaway cups that end up in the landfill.

We believe that our plant based, commercially compostable cups & lids is a great start and why we partner with Innocent Packaging. To complete the process of commercially composting the cups & lids and avoid the landfill, there needed to be a simple process for the customer to return and dispose of them. So that’s what we did and in many of our bars, you’ll find our ‘cup to compost collection bins’. Simply drop your used ones back to us, and we’ll send them off to our pals at We Compost who’ll commercially process them along with organic matter, and they’ll end up as soil enriching compost. Nice.

Like most of us, we’re certainly not perfect, but we are on a pathway to making more responsible choices where we can.

Coffix Keep-Cups.

Other than using common sense, as an added incentive, with your Coffix KeepCup purchase, your first coffee is on the house. We have two sizes, a regular 8 oz or a large 12 oz that come in a few different colours for you to choose from.

Plant-Based Commercially Compostable Cups & Lids.

Produced by our pals at Innocent Packaging, these are better for the environment and commercially compostable. Keep an eye for our ‘cup to compost collection bins’ at your local Coffix Coffee Bar and drop them back to us.