[Stuff] Shopping around could save $60 a month on your coffee habit

If you’re clutching your coffee card in the hope of saving money on your caffeine habit, bad news – you’re probably better to switch to a cheaper café.

Research by Finder compared the cost of buying a regular flat white five days a week at 12 New Zealand café chains.

It found that the average customer would save $7 a month if they used their coffee card for those transactions but they could save up to $60 a month if they switched cafes.

Coffix, which is in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington, had some of the cheapest prices. It charged just $2.50 for a regular coffee, which would work out to $50 a month. The Coffee Club was the most expensive of those surveyed, at $110 a month.

Some rewards schemes were more generous than others – those who bought from Muffin Break would get $21.60 in freebies a month. Coffee Culture was next at $16 and Wild Bean at $13.50.

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